Rules for submitting, reviewing, and publication of scientific papers


1. The editorial Board accepts for publication materials in Russian and English on topics relevant to the main research areas of the magazine. Articles are accepted throughout the year and provided positive results of the examination are included in the next issue of the magazine.

2. The journal publishes articles, characterized by a high degree of scientific novelty, theoretical and practical significance. The article should set out the main scientific results of the research must be original, previously unpublished. The authors of the articles can be researchers, doctoral students, post-graduates.

3. Research article structure should consist of items that meet the following parameters:

- formulation of a scientific research perspective (reveals the importance of research in General and its connection with important scientific and practical tasks);

- recognized and analysis of contemporary research (publications), which dealt with aspects of this problem and which is substantiated by the author. The allocation of previously unresolved parts of the General problem;

- formation of the purposes of the study (task statement);

- the main material of the publication with full justification of scientific results;

- the study’s findings and prospects for future research in this direction;

- list of references.

4. Authors submit a manuscript with a cover letter and a certificate of graduate studies (for graduate students) to the editorial office at: 606340, Russia, Nizhny Novgorod region, city of Knyaginin, Oktyabrskaya street 22A, office 202 and the electronic address (

Digital version of the paper should consist of two files. The first contains the article, and second information about the article and the authors posted on the website. Files must have the following naming structure:

first – Surname_article_city (for example: Maximov_article_Michurinsk);

second – Surname_site_city (for example: Maximov_site_Michurinsk).

Cover letter — Surname_CL_city (for example: Maximov_CL_Michurinsk).

Files infected with viruses that are not processed or accepted for publication.

5. The submitted materials are registered and within 3 days, the author (s) an email will be sent confirmation of receipt of the article.

6. Articles that do not meet the conditions of publication and registration requirements will not be considered.

7. All submitted manuscripts are related to the theme of the magazine and tested for plagiarism, sent for review to a specialist, doctor or candidate of Sciences who are closest to the topic of scientific specialization and publications in the field of peer-reviewed articles.

8. The reviewer evaluates the relevance of the article, its methodological rigor, scientific credibility, practical significance, prepares (if necessary) comments and suggestions to improve the quality of the article and makes his expert opinion about the possibility (or impossibility) of article publication in the journal: «recommended», «recommended with amendments introduced by the reviewer deficiencies» or «not recommended».

9. If the review contains recommendations for the correction and revision of the article, it is sent to the author with the offer to take the recommendations into account in preparing a new version of the article. The date of receipt in this case shall be the date of receipt of the final version of the article.

10. The authors are sent copies of reviews, and in case of deviation from the publication — motivated refusal.

11. Upon request, copies of reviews are sent to the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation.

12. The originals are kept in the magazine for 5 years.

13. The positive review is not sufficient grounds for the publication of the article. The final decision on publication is made by the editorial Board.

14. Graduate students for publishing articles is not charged.